Tuesday, June 26, 2012


...my Grandmother's first pineapple!  

She's had a pineapple plant(?) for several years now & when I was home a few weeks ago she wanted me to come by her house so she could show me something...

...and it was this baby pineapple!  

I'll go back this weekend, so I'm going to check & see if it's still alive ;)

Friday, June 8, 2012

All Boy || I Heart Faces

That's all I could think when this picture scrolled across my screen...

Head on over here for more fun "All Boy" photos! 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The sweet view of victory...

For the last year & a half, I've been teaching in Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary's Biblical Women's Institute.  And I LOVE it!! I cannot tell you how much I enjoy sitting down with women, studying God's word, thinking through it's truths, and just learning it's application to our daily lives.  I tell you, it is WONDERFUL!!

Anyway, because I teach subjects relating to doctrine/theology, I always have to assign my student's lots of reading...and a few small papers...and a bunch of study questions...

And so my house tends to get a bit messy as I plan & go through all the papers, etc.

But this time, b/c I had a small class, the grading was much easier! 

And that, my friends...is a desk with fully graded papers on it.  They have been read, they have been graded, they have been recorded.  Victory is mine!! 

Great timing...

Guess what came in the mail right after I did my last post on World Vision:

Yep, a letter from our little guy!  I'm telling you...it's so exciting.  You've gotta try it ;)