Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The sweet view of victory...

For the last year & a half, I've been teaching in Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary's Biblical Women's Institute.  And I LOVE it!! I cannot tell you how much I enjoy sitting down with women, studying God's word, thinking through it's truths, and just learning it's application to our daily lives.  I tell you, it is WONDERFUL!!

Anyway, because I teach subjects relating to doctrine/theology, I always have to assign my student's lots of reading...and a few small papers...and a bunch of study questions...

And so my house tends to get a bit messy as I plan & go through all the papers, etc.

But this time, b/c I had a small class, the grading was much easier! 

And that, my a desk with fully graded papers on it.  They have been read, they have been graded, they have been recorded.  Victory is mine!! 

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