Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hello boots :)

Someones already started thinking about Christmas gifts.  Wonder who it could be??
Ok...you got it -- it's ME!! 

This time of year really gets me excited!!  I know that the holiday season is so important for many reasons: 
-being thankful for God's goodness to us 
-time shared with those closest & dearest to our hearts
-celebrating the birth of a Savior!!! 

But there's also this little BIG part of me that loves the gift giving time as well!! I love to give gifts to folks...and truthfully, I love to receive them :)  I think it's a combination of 2 things:
1. We try not to go overboard on shopping for ourselves through out the year, so it's so fun to get things you've been hoping to get but haven't purchased for yourself...
2. It's so fun to see what people want to give to you, what they think will be a good gift for you.

I just love it.

But this post is supposed to be about boots...so without further adieu:

Hello boots :)

These are my Christmas gift from my Mother-in-law!! Whoop whoop...so so so very excited.  They just came in the mail & I know I love them.  The only problem is that I now have to buy a pair of "skinny" jeans to wear with them...and I totally swore them off last year when they started making their huge comeback!  Skinny jeans are not totally horrid, but they're certainly not for every body type.  Let's hope that they'll work for me or I'll be very sad about not having anything to wear with my boots.

Wanna know why I'm finally giving in?  B/c I saw this on Pintrest & it made me realize that I really do, deep down, like the pants inside the boots look.

It really is cute isn't it :)

And while I'm on Pintrest, I'll show you a few other items that make me want to expand my wardrobe!!

I love this entire outfit- head to toe!

Source: loft.com via Carrie on Pinterest

I also think this is quite fantastic...I have a thing for orange, in case you haven't noticed!
And while I'm on orange, here's another one of my favorite combos:

Ahhh, shopping :)

But the point it, I'm really excited about my boots!!

What are you hoping to get for Christmas?

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  1. love the boots! I don't have anything "uber special" on my christmas list this year, yet...anyways!!