Friday, January 27, 2012


You know, in the midst of trying to start the new year off right, I've been so busy playing catch-up from last year.  Seems a bit paradoxical, right?  Until I got this email in my inbox today's Fix-It-Friday in the I Heart Faces Community.  Fix-It-Friday?!  Oh yeah...I had completely forgotten about Fix-It-Friday's!!  So I decided to take a little time out of my morning & join in the challenge.  (I have learned SO much from participating in these...I think they're a wonderful idea!!)'s the image we were given from Andrea Riley.  Thanks so much Andrea for letting us use your image!!


1st Edit {Color}

What I did:  First I changed the look of the photo by changing the angle & adjusting the scale. Next, I adjusted the levels a bit (upped the blacks) just to remove a bit of the hazy sooc look.  I cloned stamped a few small spots on her face & neck.  Then I added a very light peach overlay @ 24% just to warm & lighten her a little.  I then added a warming photo filter to bring out the lovely peachy tones in her skin & hair. I adjusted the curves to where I wanted the hi-lights & shadows to be, brightened it a little more, & then brightened her teeth & eyes.  Last, I added a little more blur to the edges of the photo to bring back more of a nostalgic look (average & gaussian blur completely off the face).  Used MCP's web sizing & sharpening actions to finish it off.  

2nd Edit {BW}

What I did:  I stared with the color edited image above.  First, I took the saturation out of it.  Then to create a little more depth in the photo,  I did a Screen layer & Multiply layer both @ 100% opacity & inverted.    To lighten parts of the photo, I used my brush & swept over different parts of her face, hair & the grass (brush @ 11% opacity).  Then I did the same on the Multiply layer for the places I wanted the edges & shadows in her hair.  Used MCP Actions for web sizing & sharpening again.  

Feel free to leave any tips or suggestions for making my edits even better.  I love trying to improve, so I'm all ears!! 

To download the image & join in the fun, go here.

Happy Friday folks!!