Friday, October 7, 2011


Today is Fix-It-Friday for the I Heart Faces community.  How does it work?  Well, every Friday, a super kind photographer (this week it's Liz Labianca) allows those of us in the community to practice our editing skills with one of their photos.  They provide the image SOOC (straight out of camera), we download the image, make our edits, and then post them to the community page (or our blog, flickr, etc).  It's a great way to practice & learn more about editing photos.  Every time I enter I pick up new tips & tricks from the other members!   An added's for all grades of photo lovers.  You DO NOT have to be a professional to play along!!  Here are my entries for this week:

Image SOOC:
I just think this child has the sweetest face!  I love her eyes & the slight pout that she appears to have.  Sh's beautiful.
 Here are my edits:

Edit 1

For this first edit, I couldn't decide about the cropping, so I went ahead & cropped it in fairly close.  I decided to leave the tar strip b/c I kind of liked the look of it.  I adjusted my levels, brightened it up quite a bit (I like bright!) and boosted the contrast.  Then I smoothed up her skin a tad, brightened the blues in the photo & her eyes,  & then desaturated her skin a tiny amount (is that a word?).  I added an overlay layer in a creamy tone, added a very light pastel blue/yellow gradient layer across her body, a bit of texture to the sidewalk, and then a little burning on the edges.

Edit 2

For this edit, I went back to the original, took all of the saturation out & started working from there.  I cropped it wider than the last, brightened the photo, added more contrast & then boosted the blacks in the photo.  I smoothed her skin a tad and then touched up her shoe.  I added a creamy overlay & a slightly mocha color layer to the entire photo to give it the coloring I wanted & then went back & brightened it a bit more.  And of course, vingette.

Edit 3

For my final edit, I used a Coffeeshop action called Vintage Blush.  First, I touched up her skin & shoe again.  Next I ran the Vintage Blush action (love!!).  I decreased the opacity on the actions layers & lessened the color mute so more color would show thru.  Next I boosted the saturation, brightened it again, darkened the blacks & added vignette.  

Go on over to I Heart Faces Fix-It-Friday to join in & see more edits!  


  1. You really made the eyes pop...beautiful! I love the b&w version too!