Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tickled Pink

In order to celebrate & promote Breast Cancer Awareness, the I Heart Faces photo challenge this week is called "Tickled Pink."  Breast cancer has certainly become a front runner among the leading killers for women over the past few decades.  Many of us have seen it's devastating effects first hand and have become familiar with routine check-ups & screenings that will help us detect it's possible surfacing in our own bodies.

When I think of October & Breast Cancer Awareness, I automatically think of those we're trying to save...those we're trying to keep from ever knowing the agony of losing a part of being a woman.  When I think awareness, I think of the ones coming up behind us.

For my entry, I chose a picture of a sweet girl I had the opportunity to photograph this past weekend.  She's a senior in high school, Lord willing, with a whole world of opportunity at her fingertips.  May she be one of the girls we're fighting for!



  1. what a great way to support breast cancer awareness month! I posted yesterday about "pink" great minds think alike :-)

    I stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say hi! :-)
    Come on over and visit color issue...there's also a big anthro giveaway!



  2. just read your post on "pink". Your nails were too cute!