Friday, October 14, 2011


It's Friday...which means it's Fix-It-Friday for the I Heart Faces Community.  This weeks photo is absolutely adorable, and given to us by Adrienne Zwart.  Thanks Adrienne for letting us use your photo :)

Here's the image SOOC:  

And here are my edits:  

I cannot lie, I had a hard time with this one!  Maybe it was the white background?  Not sure...I just know that I tried so many things I wouldn't know where to begin explaining my edits.  I am totally open to suggestions, though.   One thing I do know:  this little boy is too cute :)  For more edits, go to Fix-It-Friday


  1. I actually really like what you did here!

    The background was tricky. We had switched locations last minute and the backdrop wasn't lon g enough to cover the whole table, so I used a separate cloth. The difference in the shades of white was definitely a challenge in post-processing.

    When I was editing the photos from this session, I loved this shot because he was looking off camera at his dad and just beaming. Rather than crop the side where the deck railing, etc were showing, I used content aware fill. (I use CS5, so I'm not sure if there is something similar in PSE.) Basically, you select around the area using the lasso tool or rectangular marquis tool and click "fill." The program will fill in to simulate the part of the image that is nearby. By doing this, it creates a little space for the subject to look into.
    You can achieve a similar result by stretching the canvas (under the Image tab) and then choosing a color to fill in. Then you would blend with a soft brush as needed.

    I love the rotation you used. And the black and white one is my favorite of the two edits.

  2. Ahhh, thank you! There are similar tools in PSE so I think I should be able to do this. Thanks for sharing that with me. I haven't done a lot of studio work, so trying to maintain a nice white on the backdrop & keep his skin a nice color was so tricky for me. I'm glad you gave us this picture to use b/c it really made me work. I always learn new things on Fix-It-Friday. Thanks again for the feedback!!