Thursday, October 20, 2011


Is anyone else on Flickr??  I absolutely LOVE the groups Flickr offers.  They're so valuable when it comes to gaining feedback, critiques, & helpful tips.  I've joined a few different groups for the fun of it; one on nature photography, one on portrait work, one by MCP Actions...

I thought today I'd post a few of my most recent flickr uploads & group entries.

wild flowers on my table by Carrie Gilliam
wild flowers on my table, a photo by Carrie Gilliam on Flickr.
This photo was posted to the MCP Project 52 group. Each week the group is given a theme, this week's theme being "true beauty." I entered this as my photo for true beauty.  When I was thinking about what to shoot that really captured this theme, I just kept being drawn to this arrangement of wildflowers I had picked & put on my table.  Studying them reminded me that often the simplest things in life hold the most beauty.

sunflowers by Carrie Gilliam
sunflowers, a photo by Carrie Gilliam on Flickr.
This photo is from one of the fields where I took senior portraits last week.  These babies were beautiful!!

windmill by Carrie Gilliam
windmill, a photo by Carrie Gilliam on Flickr.
This photo is another MCP Project 52 entry. The theme for that week was "architecture," so I posted this windmill.  I loved the contrast of the cloud texture against the hard, thin lines of the windmill.

230 corrected web by Carrie Gilliam
230 corrected web, a photo by Carrie Gilliam on Flickr.
I added this a few weeks ago as part of a set that I did for a couple in our church. Aren't they adorable?

Mayci 2 bw by Carrie Gilliam
Mayci 2 bw, a photo by Carrie Gilliam on Flickr.
And finally, Mayci :)  This photo of her is one of my favorites from the summer!!

So, there are a few of my Flickr uploads. What's your Flickr like?

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