Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Food on the brain

Right now, I am totally in a rut when it comes to food and cooking meals, etc. Does it ever seem like you fix the same things over & over again.  I've been doing some digging to try to get myself out of this comatose state when it comes to cooking & I think Pintrest has helped.  Besides searching the web for my own recipe finds to pin, you can find gazillions of recipes on Pintrest as well.  Recipes that other folks have already pinned...and tried out...

And me being the efficient person that I am, *wink wink*...I'm going to use that to my advantage & get myself out of this cooking rut.  


...wanna see some of what I've found?  These are the newest recipes that are hopefully going to make an appearance at our house within the next week or so :) 

They look AMAZING!!  And of course, they came from Pintrest ;)

1. Mexican Stuffed Shells

Can I say to you, that my husband will absolutely LOVE me for this.  I'm not a ground beef person at all, but he loves it.  And I rarely make anything with ground beef in it b/c of the obvious.  But I think I could tweak a few of the shells for me & we'd have the best of both worlds.  In fact, I might make it tonight to surprise him  ;)  He'll be one happy man! 

2.  Asparagus

This is on my list b/c I think asparagus is wonderful and I think all that melted cheese on top is wonderful, therefore this recipe must be wonderful.  

3.  Moqueca:

Because we love shrimp, and fish ..and have it probably once a week...and the recipe didn't seem to be too hard to follow.  It's from a blog in Brazil, so I had to convert to English.  We'll see how much luck I have! 

And finally for desert:

4.  Oreo Truffles:

No explanation needed here.  

I am telling you husband is becoming so thankful for pintrest, lol!!  

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  1. I totally understand that, guess it happens to everyone. Pinterest really came to the rescue! Your choices were amazing! Thanks for sharing my recipe, and I hope you like it :o)