Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday matters :)

Morning blogging friends!

I hope your weekend was full of things to enjoy & enough rest to get you ready for another busy week.  It seems like every year around the Christmas holiday, life gets busier & busier.  But I still love it b/c I know that special time of celebrating the Savior is just around the corner.  Time with friends & family, having the house decorated & warm, spending time thinking about how to bless others around us, and most especially the time spent kneeling & worshiping the birth of Christ and who He became for us...all of it just makes the season so special; I can hardly put words to it.

So, to start my week off best, I like to try to do a little thing on Monday mornings called "talking to myself." (And no, I am not crazy...I don't think?!?!)   By this, I mean, I like to try to grab the reigns on my thought life & emotions and remind them of the truths of Scripture.

Truths like:
1. Christ has paid my penalty of sin before God, therefore God has attributed Christ's righteous status to my slate and I no longer stand in God's wrath against sin.
2.  God loves His children and does good toward them.
3.  God's word is a "lamp unto my feet & a light unto my path," illuminating my understanding to what is absolute truth, and teaching me how to view the world & my time here on this earth.
4.  God is and always will be faithful to His word.  So I can put my entire hope & trust in it's truthfulness, and I will not be let down or disappointed in the end!

When, I remind myself of these truths, how my heart begins to soar!!  How can it not, when I'm reminded of such grace bestowed to me...and to anyone who believes.  How can I not want to sing the praises of my good Creator when I realize His compassion towards me, to forgive my sin without me ever realizing the full magnitude of its depths & darkness, and to give me promise of new life & hope & joy & peace.  How great is He!

So, to start my Monday off right, I've told myself these things, and now I'm going to rejoice in the Lord who is so good to the children of man.

I hope this blesses your heart as much as it blessed mine! (Thanks, Dad, for hooking me up with this video a few weeks ago <3)

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