Wednesday, December 14, 2011

~ a little Christmas bokeh ~

I've been reading a lot about bokeh lately (that pretty little blur that often shows up behind images when you photograph them).  You can see some of my reads here & here.  And truthfully, I was already in love with it before I even realized what it was.  Ever since I began learning that you could manipulate your own settings on a camera, I've been "blowing out" my aperture to get that beautiful blurred out background.  I'm telling's a favorite of mine!  

Since the holidays are here, what better time to shoot with a wide open aperture?  Lights blurry in the background of a photo turn into bright glowing circles & hexagons.  Glitter on ornaments give a beautiful shimmery fuzz.  

So, for my Christmas bokeh, I thought I'd give you a glimpse of a few of the Christmas things in my house.  

 ...our tree. I took these completely out of focus, just to see what I could create.  

 ...anybody else see what's wrong with the two pictures above?  (keep in mind, i took these this morning...)

...ornaments from our table. I absolutely love this color combination of red & purple.

...a few shots from our tree, in focus :) 

 ... i LOVE glitter...

...stars on our mantle...

And last but not of my favorite ornaments on our tree.  A little man & woman (made out of old clothes pins)...who are totally in love <3    

Now you create your own Christmas bokeh! 

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