Tuesday, December 20, 2011

[A Very Bokeh Christmas]

Well, it just so happens that the theme for iheartfacesphoto challenge that runs through the rest of the month is....

Holiday Bokeh!!!

And since I just did a post about that a few days ago (you can see it again  here)... I thought I'd post a couple more for the fun of it.

- a few more ornaments from our tree

- our stockings & the reflection of our tree in the window
 - our Bob the Builder tree.  The first photo is me trying to capture the tree as is in our room.  The second one, I threw it out of focus & dropped my shutter speed WAY down to see what I could come up with.  I was happy with that pretty glow :)

- and finally, one more of Bob the Builder all aglow.

The rest of our week will be spent baking, finishing Christmas cards (yes we're those people that send them out at the last minute), and most importantly, celebrating the glorious birth of our Christ.  Without the birth of our King, Christmas cards and trees & gifts have no meaning. Without Him, pictures & family & life in general has no meaning.  From Him, we learn & understand our purpose, the ugliness and devastation of sin, and the beauty of God's vigorous mercy to us.  Praising our Wonderful Creator for the gift of His Son!

May your Christmas be very merry & bright!

PS...I decided to link up with a new bloggy friend as well.  So here's my link up to live, love, travel's:

Live, Love, TRAVEL


  1. these are adorable! I love the two tree shots--the before and the after! they make a really cute diptych! I'm having a bokeh link up on my blog today, you should stop by!

  2. really beautiful!!

    very well done you:)

    happy holidays!

  3. thanks for linking up, I love these shots :)

  4. your tree is gorgeous! and very nicely captured! love these photos.

  5. Merry Christmas in advance! Gorgeous bokehs!

  6. Thanks folks!! You guys are so kind :)

  7. Congrats, I picked you as a favorite from my Holiday Bokeh Party!