Tuesday, December 6, 2011

i heart faces || Feet

It's been a few weeks since I entered an i heart faces photo challenge, but when I read the theme for this week, I knew the exact picture I wanted to enter!! Typically, they prefer for you to enter a picture that is recent, but for this theme, "Feet," I HAD to enter this photo I snapped over the summer.  It's from a beach session that I did with this great family from our old church.  After a few hours of snapping away on the seashore, we were all covered in sand.  The little boy, baby girl, and I sat down on a swing at the beach house to swing away while I caught up with their parents.  I happened to look down & see the sand stuck between the baby girl's toes & couldn't resist snapping away.  So, for my entry this week...I give you "feet"...

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